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Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Business Secure! Retail Security in Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati has a lot to offer all sorts of business owners. However, now that you have invested your time, energy and money in opening a successful business, you are probably wondering about some ways to keep your property and products as safe as possible. There are some important ways to do this and they don’t have to break the bank, if you do it right! You may visit 24 hour locksmith for more information.


Here are three easy and affordable ways to secure your property in Cincinnati, even if you are on a budget.


  1. Employee training. Keeping your employees trained and up-to-date is essential to the safety and security of your business. Your employees should feel comfortable greeting customers and being attentive to their needs, while maintaining awareness of security issues. Additionally, they should be trained on how to confront shoplifters. Having an initial training will also ensure that your employees know how to react regardless of the situation that may arise.  Additionally, you may wish to have your local locksmith go over the alarm and lock systems you have in place with a manager, who can then share this information with other employees to ensure that your security runs smoothly.


  1. Technology. Consider talking with your local locksmith about the technological advances in this field. It may not be as expensive as you think to invest in some new and updated lock systems that will help keep your business safe. For instance, you may want to consider installing a Bluetooth or WiFi lock system that will allow you to have a comprehensive record of who enters your business at precise times. It is important to consider assigning separate entry codes to different employees, both for records and to foster a sense of responsibility and accountability among your staff.


  1. Minimize the number of master keys. This last point is simple and doesn’t have to cost a thing, but may save you a lot in the long run. Master keys should only be given to trusted employees and they should be stored only in a secure location.


These three easy steps are a good start to securing your business in Cincinnati. Knowing that your business is safe is key to continuing and increasing your retail success!



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Crowdfund Social gets you funded with social media! These guys understand the challenges that crowdfunders face when it comes to getting funded on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Rockethub. They’re actually the longest running social media marketing service for crowdfunders, so they pride themselves on being the very best. After reviewing their website and comparing it to other crowdfunding agencies, I found that they have the most impressive (and growing) list of crowdfunding clients that have enjoyed amazing results with their comprehensive social media marketing packages. Visit crowdfundsocial for more details.


I especially liked how the service caters to crowdfunders who need help with their first or second projects. I don’t consider myself a crowdfunder expert by any means, so when I found out that their services come with phone and email support I was thrilled. The value you can get from speaking with a crowdfunding expert can be huge if you’re running your first crowdfunding campaign. There’s a lot of bad information about crowdfunding and how to be successful with your crowdfunding project. Most of the stuff I read online was very cookie cutter stuff that didn’t go into the nuts and bolts of crowdfund marketing. I was especially lost when it came to social media marketing. I thought I had to share it on Facebook and that would be enough. Later I would find out that after speaking with some of the team at that I was totally wrong.


When you sign up with Crowdfund Social, you’re getting an entire creative team developing your social media strategies from start to finish. Its completely different than the part time social media sharing you might be used to. Crowdfund Social takes a much more aggressive approach. They’re social media marketers have a combined experience that gets you real results. You can see the experience and notice it right away when you’re working with them. They know crowdfunding and they combine that with their marketing talents. They used all the latest strategies to make our crowdfunding project go viral across social media in no time.


Crowdfund Social has customized plans that help you get the word out about your project across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Linkedin. Each social media platform requires the right strategy to succeed, so it can be difficult for crowdfunders like us to do it all on our own. The team at reviews your project and has the necessary experience to capitalize big on each and every social media platform to get you the best results every time. I discovered that that’s what it really takes to get funded on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


If you’re short on time like I was then you’re going to love Crowdfund Social. They believe in building up all your social media promotions over the course of your project and they take the time and persistence necessary for them to pay off big. So the team at promotes your campaign daily using the best techniques and targeting. This keeps the momentum going for your project so that you can get fully funded. By the first and second week you’ll be happy that you took the steps to bring them on board. You won’t be disappointed. Together they will help you hit your funding goal and get you nothing less than the best results possible.


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Major Lock Brands in Sacramento, CA

If you’re looking for new locks, the good news is you have dozens, if not hundreds, to choose from! So how do you pick the right one? Every home and business is different, and your safest choice is to consult a professional locksmith. An expert locksmith in Sacramento can easily recommend the best lock for your door. However, it helps to know what’s out there so you can make a good decision. These are a few of the most popular lock brands in the US and what they’re known for. Visit, 24 hour locksmith to find out more.


Medeco: Medeco’s locks were considered impossible to pick for over fifty years, since the Virginia-based company was founded. They utilize a system of off-center chisel-tipped pins inside the lock cylinder, which match with angled cuts on the keys. They are currently one of the most widely used and trusted manufacturers of high security locks, although in 2007, a group of researchers showed that it was possible to crack them with plastic “bump keys.”


Mul-T-Lock: Mul-T-Lock is known for their high security locks, on the market in over 70 countries. They also produce electromechanical locks, key platforms, industrial locks and key-cutting machines, among other security equipment. This Israeli company introduced the first four-way door lock system in 1973.


Kwikset: Kwikset is one of the most widespread producers of standard locks and keys, which can be found at any hardware store. They first made their name with the invention of the tubular pin lock in 1946. In 2013, they released a Bluetooth-enabled “smart lock” called the Kevo.

Schlage: Schlage is another very popular producer of standard locks for both residential and commercial use. They also supply several lines of high security locks and keys, and they recently put out a home automation system called Nexia which is controlled by smartphone app.

Kaba Ilco: Kaba, one of the leading producers of high security locks and high-tech security equipment, was founded in 1862. Based in Switzerland, they mostly supply for commercial and industrial use. They also make key machines, access systems and automotive security hardware, among other products.


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TopLevelPR - Crowdfunding PR for Real Results

TopLevelPR has really set the standards for crowdfunding PR higher than ever before. Not only does TopLevelPR specialize in helping crowdfunders and startups, the also have a great track record for getting top coverage. Since 2013, TopLevelPR has helped thousands of crowdfunders get more exposure and funding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Visit toplevel pr to see more.




Top Level PR uses a results driven approach to crowdfunding. Unlike other PR services, the Top Level PR team works with you from start to finish to get you the best results. That means after week 1, week 2, or even week 5, Top Level PR will be there every step of the way to keep your project moving. This is especially important for crowdfunding, because every day counts. also has hosts frequent webinars for crowdfunders interested in learning more about crowdfunding PR and how to get more funding. Many of TopLevel PR’s clients are first time crowdfunders. They love helping first time crowdfunders who need extra attention to make sure their first project is a big success. TopLevel PR has experience with Fashion, Tech, Design, Film, Music, Non-profits, and Community projects.


TopLevel PR offers crowdfunders several packages to choose from to make sure they are getting the right help they need to succeed. Top Level PR’s most popular package is the ‘Crowdfunding PR Plan’. This helps crowdfunders get massive media coverage for their project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. When you sign up for the Crowdfunding PR Plan, TopLevel PR manages all the PR development, launch, and outreach throughout your entire project.


All other crowdfunding PR services try to cut corners. Not Top Level PR. They use their proven results driven process to get your project buzzing with the right media. If you’re looking to get real organic coverage from targeted blogs, news outlets, and social media influencers related to your product or category, then you need Top Level PR. Every project they select is pre-approved before signing on. That means they only work with the best projects and ensures that you’ll get great results.


The Top Level PR team can get any type of project moving fast with their proven PR and social influencer outreach. Even if you already have a live project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you can enroll at now.